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Love for Food

Taste our modern Greek Cuisine and feel the passion we put into our dishes.
All of our menu items are made using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, brought in daily.
Our chefs pick only fresh seafood and produce, then visit the butcher to handselect the best cuts of meat for you. Did you know that our pasta is imported from Greece to bring you a true Greek experience?


Experience Greece!
A feast for your senses

From our menu

Special Offers

  • Grilled Octopus

    In a white wine grape vinegar butter dill reduction, served over garlic spinach and cherry tomatoes.

  • Filet Minion (Angus Select)

    With a sour cherry balsamic red wine reduction, served with grilled vegetables over roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

  • Kolokithokeftedes (Santorini)

    Zucchini croquettes with feta, kefalograviera cheese and fresh herbs.

Traditional but Modern...

Experience Greece

A feast for your senses

Feel the Mediterranean breeze as you bite into our fresh seafood, and taste our succulent,  authentic Greek dishes. The vine-ripened tomatoes and crispy cucumbers of our Village Salad, the roasted garlic in our delicious Trilogy of Spreads, and the charbroiled tenderness of our Loin of Lamb will tempt your taste buds and have you anticipating your next dish. 

Greek Hospitality


We invite you to experience first-class Greek hospitality at Soula's Modern Greek Cuisine. Feel the warmth and kindness of our people from the moment you enter our doors. Feel like family as you sit at our table. Be transported to Greece when you take your first bite of our delicious dishes! 

Live Entertainment

the sounds of greece

Join us for our live entertainment every weekend, as we transport you to the Greek islands. We have authentic Greek singers, the beautiful sounds of the Bouzouki, a traditional Greek instrument, and even a belly dancer to bring your night to life!
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Traditional décor
A Greek vibe unlike anything on the Danforth


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